Culinary Events

The Chef's Kitchen at The Sound Wall is centrally located in the studio to serve as a communal gathering spot. Boasting an 8 foot dinner table crafted of 100+ year old heart pine from the house, offers a fantastic setting for artist and crew to enjoy meals together.  

The kitchen also serves the culinary arts community allowing chefs and folks who love to cook to enjoy meals together through the monthly Sound Wall Supper Club as well as other culinary events.

The Sound Wall Supper Club is truly a one of a kind culinary experience. You will join the chef in the Sound Wall’s gourmet kitchen, smell the wonderful aroma’s as they cook a 3 or 4 course meal right before your eyes. You will hear the inspiration behind each dish, what inspired the menu, and how each course was prepared. Seating is limited and is open to the public making this a true community experience at it’s core. Take a break from the norm and come experience the next Sound Wall Supper Club!